Privacy Notice

February 14, 2017

Brainiii™ care about your privacy and we will exercise due diligence in the handling and storage of sensitive user data. If you require any more information or have concerns regarding our policies, you may email

General Policies

No collection of personal data that can identify the user. Sensitive data (for instance data that can identify the user or passwords) are always obfuscated if they are to be transmitted and stored in our server/service provider. This is generally through the use of a digital signature at the App or Browser before transmission through the network. Names, emails, IDs and passwords are never captured and stored on our servers in clear, only their digital signatures are used. This means that data can only be identified if and only if the corresponding clear data set is available which is usually known only to the user or user organisation. Data loss can result if the user or user organisation mismanage such information and we are not responsible for such losses.

User data that is stored on our servers are transmitted to our servers via https.

Brainiii™ is not responsible for third-party software/add-ons/plugins/advertisers/hosting providers and the data that is collected by them. They are beyond our control.

This privacy document may be updated from time to time as our applications and services evolve.

Browser Privacy

Text analytics, translations and pinyin generation are all performed locally within Chinesebrowser™ on your device. There is no transmitting of data over the Internet for text analysis. This completely preserve your privacy and there is no incurring of data bandwidth and charges.

Chinesebrowser™ HTML engine is based off Mozilla Firefox browser. The source code for Chinesebrowser™ (browser components) are available online (see We strive to keep up with Firefox releases in order to keep security fixes updated. However there will always be a time-gap between Firefox's release and Chinesebrowser™ update.

Please refer to

Chinesebrowser™ presently does not provide sync services. Home page setup, bookmarks and history are only stored locally on your device. You can backup and restore your bookmarks through Chinesebrowser™ as a JSON file on your device's sdcard.

Chinesebrowser™ automatically connects back to our server for updates, security, language related corrections/updates, crash reporting and other features. Additional metadata, Chinesebrowser™ version, pinyin and language settings and OS version are also transmitted as contextual information.

HTML5 camera, audio recording and WebRTC (Real-Time Communications) features are disabled in Chinesebrowser™ (from version 51.0.1).

Website Privacy

Our websites make use of cookies to store information about visitors preferences, various embeddings (for example Youtube videos, Disqus comments, etc) and javascript libraries which we use also makes use of cookies to record and track various state information. see

These cookies can also persists over browser sessions. You can either disable cookies in your browser or browse our website in "private/incognito modes". See your browser documentation for more details.

Our website makes use of Google analytics to provide user statistics. (see