Chinesebrowser™ companion Chinese-English Dictionary

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A Chinese‑English dictionary that has a simple user interface and is profanity filtered to ensure suitability for young learners. The dictionary is based on CC-CEDICT.

Chinesebrowser™ is seemlessly integrated with Pīnyīncidian. When the Android App is not installed, Chinesebrowser™ automatically route a lookup to the online version otherwise it will load the App. Both versions are exactly the same in terms of look and behaviour, the difference being in speed of lookup and is dependent on your internet connection to our website. And of course, the Android App version will not incur mobile data charges.

Users of Pīnyīncidian will find that both the online version ( and the mobile App (offline) version look and behave EXACTLY the same. The user interface is designed to be intuitive and web-like. After a search, exploration simply involve touch/clicking around. Advanced searches, such as searching in a specific field, is also very web-like and is specified in the search field. (see cidian help)

Test drive

This test drive runs on directly. In most result lists, the most frequently used Chinese terms are sorted at the top. Click on each link on the left and the query result will show in the right.


Well what it simply means is that all searches and its parameters can be specified on the URL (without going through the website's user interface). You can bookmark or share your search result with anyone on the Internet simply by copying the url or using the social shares buttons.

Profanity Filter

The dictionary content is filtered with a list of keywords using a heuristic algorithm. If you encounter terms that you feel should be removed please let us know.